As an artist, a father and a global citizen it has been alarming to witness the onslaught of global warming and the lack of effective action to prevent it.


My latest paintings, entitled “Profiles in Ice” are expressions of appreciation and hope as we face climate change and the vanishing cryosphere.

Just as we memorialize people and places with portraits, my paintings are meant to herald these important and essential elements of our world.


The paintings are composed of three basic elements.

The backgrounds are maps of glaciers. 

The mid layer consists of a constellation representing the planetary aspect of global warming and also the longing and loss of stability and reliability in our natural world.

The top layer is of a fading profile of ice.

I use multiple layers of thin paint to build up the paintings

I remember how impressed I was when I first heard how some painters used layers of translucent paint so the light would pass through the colors and bounce back to the viewer. 

I’ve been wanting to try it myself for a long time...

copyright 2012 bill byers new york 

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